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Story is the most effective way of reaching the hearts and minds.

“Only dead fish swim with the stream.”


Desert location - Shadowlands feature


If you are a Christ-centered ministry or mission organization, work with Rogue Marble to turn one of your testimonies, your authentic transformative God-stories, into a scripted movie. What an opportunity to increase your outreach on large and small screens, and to use it as a tool to expand your development, at little to no cost to the ministry.


When we began working on the Filipino film, Tanging Pag-asa (Only Hope), we started with an authentic testimony from a member of the local church, LifeChurch Palawan, We interviewed here, transcribed the recording, and then wrote a 40-page script.

We pulled together volunteers to serve both in front of the camera and as the film crew. We use these projects also as opportunities to mentor ministry members in the art and science of filmmaking. The film ministry in Palawan that we established in 2008 remains active until this day.

With the script complete and volunteers secured, we obtained locations and set a shooting (filming) schedule. This project was complete over the course of 4-5 days. Once the film was complete, we consulted with the church on how they wanted to use the film to reach out to people on the island, around the country, and across the world. Read the full story on our Success Story page.


Making a movie sounds exciting. But why should we work with Rogue Marble to identify a story and produce it as a movie?

Scripted and dramatized movies:

  • Are very effective in fundraising
  • Can be used to spread the Gospel in groups or one-on-one
  • Can be used as a keystone in your online presence
  • Provides opportunities for people to see the impact that God is making through your ministry
  • Can be used in live events, in person, or streamed online
  • Can be distributed on DVD or digitally
  • Can be shared covertly, shared from one smartphone to another
  • and more…

Team Rogue will consult with you every step of the way.



Thanks to charitable sponsors and commercial production work through our Kaphene Studios division (coming in 2021), we are able to do so at no charge to your organization.


We know that many stories must remain confidential for the sake of the individuals portrayed and ministry safety. Whenever called for, these scripted films will use pseudonyms, changing the names of the individual characters, as well as the places, while maintaining the integrity of the story.

Let us be clear, these are your stories of what God has done and will remain yours to determine how they will and will not be used. Our team is available to discuss a variety of options. These produced films are for your organization to use to reach your target culture, region, and language…all to the glory of God.


Click on the sections below to learn about the steps towards production…

  1. Contact Rogue Marble with details
  2. Agree to Foundations
  3. Complete & submit production application
  4. Select projects will be chosen for production
  5. Receive a secure Client Portal account for secure collaboration
  6. Establish expectation and process
  7. Begin Development…
  1. Secure a local contact (bilingual)
  2. Submit possible stories
  3. Select the story to produce
  4. Convert story to script
  5. Revise script to final version
  6. Schedule filming and travel
  7. Begin scouting for locations
  1. Travel to location
  2. Make final choices of cast
  3. Secure filming locations
  4. Principal photography (filming)
    • Secure English & local language audio
  5. Get 2nd Unit shots (scenics & establishing)
  6. Rough cut of film (in-country)
  7. Pick-up shots (anything missing/needed)
  1. Return to Rogue Marble studio
  2. Create schedule
  3. Assign editing & soundtrack
  4. Submit edit to ministry for changes
  5. Final edit
  6. Add soundtrack
  7. Lock picture (no more changes)
  1. Finalize a plan for use
  2. Make distribution plan & schedule
  3. Deliver the final film in needed formats
  4. Consult with ministry
  5. Enact the plan
"Jesus was a storyteller. He used parables to communicate the profound and abiding truths of God. The real storytellers of modern culture are no longer orators or even authors; they are filmmakers."
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