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Shooting a testimonial film in  the Philippines

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"Life changing"

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.”



Engaged to the guy of her dreams. Opening and running a successful technology business. Being able to care for and even spoil her family with money and gifts. Hanna’s life was full and rich, which left little time for her former involvement in church or continuing her relationship with God. Some say life is an illusion, and as such, Hanna’s illusion began to rapidly disappear. Love lost. Financial ruin. Spiritual emptiness. As her life came crashing down around her, Hanna was left with one option…to return to the open arms of her Only Hope.

Filmed on location: Palawan, Philippines – 2008
Sponsor: LifeChurch Philippines
Director: -MK-


Turning authentic God-stories into sharable films


(Director -MK-) After living in the Philippines (Puerto Princesa, Palawan) for about three months and getting involved at LifeChurch, I offered myself as a mentor to the media team. A short time later, Naomi Socrates, the Director of Media, met with me to discuss filming Hanna’s (a church member) testimonial. After some discussion and deliberation, we decided to recreate Hanna’s story as a scripted movie.

Naomi embarked on the journey of interviewing Hanna and turning that into the first draft of a screenplay. She did a great job. After a rewrite and some theological adjustments, she translated this version back into a Tagalog-English hybrid known as “Taglish”. We put out a call for cast and crew. The members of the church were eager to participate.

Armed with a donated Canon handicam and Rode mic, we crafted some lighting fixtures and built a camera dolly out of parts available on the island. We set a shooting schedule for Saturdays and Sunday mid afternoons for 3 weeks. And with the exception of some power outages that we had to work around, principal photography went quite well. Even with our on-the-job training approach, this first-time crew and cast really rose to the occasion!

See what happened below…


On-Set ~ Behind the Scenes ~ Premiere


Stepping in Faith led by Global impact

After premiering the film to a church audience of 900 eager attendees, and as part of their annual “Hike4Life”, island-wide outreach, the team at LifeChurch screened the film in outdoor events throughout the island of Palawan, in towns and villages  where they had already planted new churches. There were gathering as small as 100 in one small village, and as many as 1,500 in a town with a regional population of around 4,000 residents.

Live music, the film screening, cast & crew to meet & greet, and a call to salvation by Ptr. Ancho Buenaventura saw the Holy Spirit move dozens to thousands to step forward to begin a new life in Jesus Christ. The film spread to church plants in the US, the UK, and beyond, having been screened to an estimated 10,000 Filipinos worldwide, with thousands of lives touched and transformed by the grace and love of God!

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