Origin Story

Films produced to reach the rebellious world.

“Born in modern times, Jesus would have been a filmmaker.”


Rogue Marble is a specialized movie production company formed to come alongside Christ-centered ministries and missions groups to help with outreach and development by turning their authentic and transformative God-stories into scripted movies.


producer ~ director ~ screenwriter

Rogue Marble Inc. is helmed by MK,  CEO of Gamma Pictures, who moved full time into the nonprofit space.

 MK is an award-winning writer-producer-director of features and short films, commercials, and branded entertainment for broadcast on Netflix, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WB, and PBS. This included documentaries on Crystal Meth and Bullying. MK has has been featured in a variety of print media, as both director and producer of faith-based movies around the world.

“We often hear people encourage us to ‘do what you love’, and I have always carved out time to do so. But now, I get to focus on telling transformative God-stories through producing culturally-focused films. A long time dream come true!”
Matthew -MK- Kilburn
Executive Producer


In order to explain the how and why of launching this non-profit production company in July 2020, in the midst of this “global pandemic”, we need to tell you a bit about our founder, MK.

SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION – Having bathed in the sincere love and faith of my mom, on Palm Sunday, at age 11, I gave my life to Jesus Christ in our little Baptist church. Only a few months later, with an 8mm film camera in-hand, friends and I produced our first films. We crafted stories of espionage, friendship, and traveling the galaxy. It was “Sandlot” with a camera and smoke bombs. Both of my lifelong passions – Jesus and filmmaking – were birthed, my “sure foundation” and my life trajectory, my Reason and method.

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE – MK earned a B.S. degree in Christian Education from Biola University, toured with a Christian rock band, was a missionary in Japan, worked full-time in church ministry, and built a media production and training studio from scratch.

In pursuit of an M.A. in Adv. Digital Storytelling, he crafted Cinefesto, his filmmaking manifesto. It is the result of a lifetime of interwoven media production and church ministry. A work still in progress.

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