…to make evangelistic films for unreached people didn’t fit neatly with a trip to Haiti. However, a friend of mine introduced me to MK last year. We got to talking over zoom and the next thing you know I was offered an all-expense-paid trip to go down to Haiti to help with an original evangelistic film project. MK is a film producer and director with a completely different model than Create International but sharing a similar mission of using films and media to share the Gospel. I said yes. 

We were in Haiti the last week of May and the first week of June. We worked every single day in the heat of the Haitian sun on the kind of typically long days on a film set that I am familiar with already. We went from location to location to make a movie based on the true story of the man who overcame many obstacles to grow up and run a successful multifaceted ministry. It’s a powerful testimony, and when the film is finished I hope to share it with all of you. 

The opportunity to join the Rogue Marble production allowed me to be on a set for the first time in about 10 years where I wasn’t responsible for producing or directing the film. This gave me a front-row seat to closely observe someone else doing “my job” to learn from the experience in a low stress setting. You might call it a bit of professional development on my part. 

My role was to provide the behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the team working closely with the local Haitians to make the movie. I had full access to the entire set and positioned myself strategically during production to capture what was happening. This only increased my observation and admiration of the quality work the team was doing on location. 

MK is a very competent and confident director, and I enjoyed watching him in his element. In some ways, it was like watching myself at work in that role as he struggled with many of the same challenges I have routinely faced on our movies worldwide. And we also really hit it off. It’s an understatement to say that I made a friend and found a kindred spirit. We will almost certainly work together again, Lord willing. 

As a Biola alum, MK had reached out to the Biola network and recruited four students and recent alumni to make up his technical team. I was very impressed with their skills, attitudes, hard work, and faith. They also taught me some new techniques to use on set as well. I’m pretty sure Biola must have a very good filmmaking program to be turning out quality filmmakers like these young people. At least one of those students is seriously exploring the option of joining our ministry in the future. I didn’t know I was on a recruiting trip when I left for Haiti! God is always full of surprises. 

Of course, the best part about going to Haiti is spending time with the Haitians. We were based at a children’s center in Gonaives run by Carha (Christian Action & Relief for Haiti carha.net). The staff and children appeared in many of the movie’s scenes and were great to work with every day. We were very blessed by this generous and caring group.

Pray for Haiti. The woes they are continuing to face are well documented, and I hope that someday that country will flourish both economically and spiritually. The recent dramatic death of their past president has only exacerbated the problems they were already facing.  

During these depressing days of Covid-19, it was a real joy for me to get on a plane to another country and to help another gospel production. I learned a lot, made great new friends, and left reminded of the importance of using media to shout from the rooftops about our Lord Jesus. 

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