Having the opportunity to be immersed in unfamiliar places and cultures makes for some amazing personal lessons.

There But For Grace

I recently heard on the radio that the remaining 15 of the original 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti on October 16, 2021, had finally been freed after two months in captivity…

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Going Rogue in Haiti

Steven Baldwin: Director BTS – When you look at the numbers, Haiti is considered a largely “reached” nation. 80% of the country report to be Roman Catholic and 16% are…

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Flame and Fury

120 degrees at least! The walls are closing in. From the outside, this innocuous and remote structure appeared harmless. That was its charm, its insidious allure…

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I Know a Guy

After collecting my “miracle” luggage, Mike and I found seats in a quiet corner of the Miami airport to begin our frantic medical search. Everyone at the airport told us something…

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The crew of WYSIWYG Films on-location in Crete during the filming of their first feature.

The Battle is One

The tires squealed as we touched down at OAK airport for the film festival we entered in San Francisco with our recently completed feature. We scooped up…

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Filming in Haiti

The film will be shot entirely in Haiti and in the Haitian Creole language based on a true story. It tells the story of Wilky – a teen who follows Jesus – and his father, Raphael…

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Hey, who took my shoes?

A colorful and vibrant country, impassioned by need, I traveled to Haiti. After a long, hot morning riding in the back of the truck to a remote, Haitian village…

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And He said “Well Done”

Did you know that in China, a country decidedly hostile to Christ, there are now more followers of Jesus Christ than here in the United States? So, how does faith in Christ spread…

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Help is only Help if it Helps

So, if you want to be a person whose faith is true and active, a person who truly helps, then actively find ways to be a servant to others, with a humble spirit, expecting nothing…

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What Do You Have Planned?

“I was immediately compelled to go. So, in August 2018, armed with my camera and equipment, I embarked on a missions trip to Haiti. Guided by a small group from CARHA…

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Be Still Get Busy

What in your life do you connect with worry, stress or anxiety? Is it possible you are holding onto things that you need to mentally and emotionally “let go” and trust God who loves…

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A Big Fish Story

Jesus said to feed them…all of them. Can you imagine? Five thousand people hanging around, waiting for dinner and the disciples don’t even see enough for themselves.

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